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The dynamic booklet for new believers

What Now? is a full-colour, 24 page booklet which has been carefully written for those who have recently become Christians.

It emphasises the importance of developing a lasting and meaningful relationship with Jesus. The booklet covers four important steps to help every new believer on their journey:

1. Get in touch with God
(learn the power of prayer)

2. Get to know all about God’s purposes
(by reading the Bible)

3. Make a lasting commitment

4. Get involved with a church



25    - £22.25 (Inc Del)

50    - £38.50 (Inc Del)

100  - £74.50 (Inc Del)

150  - £106.50 (Inc Del)

200  - £128.00 (Plus Del)

250  - £158.00 (Plus Del)

300  - £189.00 (Plus Del)

400  - £240.00 (Plus Del)

500  - £299.00 (Plus Del)


For higher quantities please call



These booklets are truly inspiring. For the first time I have found a booklet that I would willingly give away to my friends, work colleagues or family without feeling embarrassed, at its quality or content.


                               Richard Dodge - Direction Magazine Review

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