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A great booklet for teaching  believers about giving

There is a whole swathe of teachings about financial giving being preached in the Church today. They range from God cursing someone if they do not regularly tithe of all they have, to, complete freedom and personal choice. This has created an opportunity for both confusion and manipulation.

This booklet seeks to provide a clear, balanced and Biblical perspective on  the subject.

1. A God who freely gives

2. Biblical background to giving

3. New Testament perspective on giving

4. Financial giving from a heart Heart that is filled with love



25    - £24.25 (Inc Del)

50    - £39.50 (Inc Del)

100  - £76.50 (Inc Del)

150  - £109.50 (Inc Del)

200  - £152.00 (Plus Del)

250  - £183.00 (Plus Del)

300  - £217.00 (Plus Del)

400  - £279.00 (Plus Del)

500  - £344.00 (Plus Del)


For higher quantities please call



This is a well balanced and easy to read booklet. In fact It would make an ideal workbook for  homegroups or Bible study groups to use and discuss this important subject.


                               Rev. Mark Baker - Forest New Life Church

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