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This is an ideal booklet for new believers

Have you ever wanted to understand or explain to someone what the Bible is all about?

Well the 'WHAT IS?' booklet is a fresh and easy to understand outline of the Bible, from beginning to end!
This easy to follow, jargon free, attractive 28 page booklet is packed with vital information and handy biblical references. Ideal for the individual and group studies.


     One true and eternal God 

     We are made in God's image 

     Man's disobedience leads to separation 

     God's plan of rescue 

     Jesus - God's fulfilment of His plan of rescue 

     Man's assurance of salvation

     The promise of His abiding presence

     The fulfilment of the promise

     The Church is God's ambassador on earth

     The promise of eternity with God



25    - £22.25 (Inc Del)

50    - £38.50 (Inc Del)

100  - £74.50 (Inc Del)

150  - £106.50 (Inc Del)

200  - £128.00 (Plus Del)

250  - £158.00 (Plus Del)

300  - £189.00 (Plus Del)

400  - £240.00 (Plus Del)

500  - £299.00 (Plus Del)


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This booklet is incredible. I have been a Christian for four years, and having now  read it, wish that someone had given me a copy when I first became a believer.
                                                                                                                              Neil Allon

What an amazingly simple to read booklet. It has given me a clear and concise overview of the Bible, that makes sense, and is easy to discuss with others when questioned.
                                                                                                                       Maureen Kear

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